Celebrating 10 years of Excellence & Innovation...

What We Offer From problems to solutions that is our approach...

Web & App Development ...with over 100+ projects over the years!

Your organization’s website is more often than not, the first point of interaction a prospective client will have with your organization. Our websites and apps are custom built for each client. New Age Holdings delivers & consults on premium custom websites & apps across a wide range of vertical and horizontal industries, utilizing an expansive range of development methodologies in conjunction with in industry-best-standards and business analysis capabilities.

Support Services ...one word - satisfaction!

New Age Holdings leverages its industry best practices and enterprise IT and communications expertise to offer customized IT support, operations and management services reflecting rigorous service-level requirements and performance-based Service Level Agreements (SLA). These services, which allow public and private-sector organisations to focus on their core mission responsibilities while maximizing Return-on-Investment (ROI) and Return-on-Assets (ROA) on their IT and communications infrastructure investments.

IT Security ...relax we got you!

At New Age Holdings we understand that working together we can achieve your overall corporate IT security goals. Our "hands on" security consulting is based on successful experience. For the past 10 years we have been providing a wide range of information security services to a vast clientele. We specialize in ethical hacking, web application security testing, malware analysis, denial-of-service testing, staff training, expert witness testimony, infrastructure review and IT security policy creation.

Backup & Recovery ...no more missing data!

Gain all the functionality needed by most mid-size enterprises without the extra bells and whistles that increase user complexity and inflate costs. Advanced features – such as unique intelligent scheduler and point-and-click restore – further speed and simplify operations.Our industry standard data models allow you the flexibility to recover your data with or without proprietary softwares being installed. All other commercial products use proprietary methods that lock you into their product, requiring its use to restore your own data - we encourage our clients to own their data!

Project Management ...best of breed approach!

We provide Project Management & Consulting services and support for managing simple to complex projects to help your organization succeed. Our Project Management methodology help maintain focus, as well as help you stay on schedule and within budget. For our ongoing projects we work in close partnership with our clients' management teams, helping them to shape and implement their ideas. We provide better solutions that are more robust to the effects of change and scalability.

Financial Services...contact us for a bargain!

As part of your overall IT asset management strategy - New Age Holdings' leasing and financing solutions can help you expand the reach and impact of your Information Technology budget. The benefits range from predictable monthly payments and leasing helps minimize the risk associated with disposal of obsolete equipment. We offer amongst many other financing options - an operating lease model or a finance lease model. With any financial solution we offer - you can: bundle hardware, software and services, including accesories, into one lease with one invoice / monthly payment.

Our Clients & Partners

Our greatest passion at New Age Holdings is our clients. Our driving force is our partners. We continually look for ways to build mutually beneficial relationships with customers across all verticals. We are immensely proud of having established strong relationships with quite a few partners and clients around the globe. And are continually searching for new ventures with the aim of expanding our current client & partner network...